Reproductive Rights


Peggy Lamm supports a woman’s constitutional right to choose and opposes any efforts to curtail that right. She believes we should strive to reduce the number of abortions and that every child should be… more »

Protecting Social Security


The 7th CD is not well represented when the Republican incumbent endorses the most extreme Republican plan to privatize Social Security. This scheme robs our greatest generation of the safety net they… more »

Affordable Health Care


Peggy is committed to providing affordable, accessible health care to all Coloradans. Everyone should be able to afford to see a doctor for basic health care needs. Access to medical care should not be… more »

Creating Jobs


Colorado’s local economy has suffered under the Bush/Owens regime. Today there are working Coloradans who are worried about job security, and many men and women struggle daily to find the jobs they need… more »

Real Education Reform


As a former school teacher whose son attends Colorado public schools, Peggy Lamm knows that giving every child the opportunity for a great education is our most important investment. She supports real… more »