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DeGette mulls ethics complaint

[DeGette] said that [EPA Administrator] Stephen Johnson, who headlined a fundraiser for 7th Congressional District candidate Rick O’Donnell three weeks ago, was engaging in “secret, behind-closed-doors influence- peddling” that was inappropriate at any time but especially during a congressional race considered the most competitive in the country.
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[source: The Denver Post]

Suburbs Playing Host to Several of Year’s Key Races
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[source: Congressional Quarterly Politics]

Rick O’Donnell’s ethics plan uses wording from reforms pushed by Democrats.

“The rules can be tightened up and should be, but the rules have been abused by the people in power,” said challenger Peggy Lamm’s campaign manager Sheila MacDonald. “We’re not sending in another fox to guard the hen house.”
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[source: Rocky Mountain News]