Don’t Settle for Another Boring Birthday Bash

Have you got a big birthday bash coming up? Struggling for ideas to make it that extra bit special? Birthday parties always sound good in theory but the truth is when you get past 21 they start to get a bit tiresome. Some music, some food, maybe some wine, but really you can do that any given Saturday.

Why not put a bit of effort into the next one. Have a look online, there are many options that could spice the night up a little.

Here are a few to consider:

HauntedHaunted House Birthday – There are companies who supply all the special effects needed to scare the living daylights out of your guests. Audio and visual effects can be used to create heart stopping poltergeist or costume period actors to conjure up fleeting ghostly encounters in hallways and bedrooms. It can be quite a thrilling night. Even more so if you don’t tell the guests it’s just a prank.

Cluedo – There’s been a murder! Yes, good old Cluedo, but in 3D. A few hours into the evening a guest, one nobody really knows, is found in the kitchen with a dagger in his chest. Nobody leaves until we find out who commited the dastardly deed.

The key to success is don’t start the game to late. If everyone is too tipsy the culprit will never be apprehended. Also, God forbid there’s a real murder at the party! I doubt the police would be too happy if all the guest were having a jolly good laugh while a cadaver lay in the next room.

Performing Dwarves – I kid you not. Card tricks, acrobatics, comedians, doormen. It’s possible to hire an entire troop of little folk to work your party. The popularity of these guys has skyrocketed over the past few years, and it looks likely to start a trend in other similarly themed concepts.

Strippers – Both male and female strippers are still a popular choice for some. Not to everyone’s tastes, and I’m sure it would raise a few eyebrows at a vicar’s tea party, but this classic form of entertainment still has a place on the birthday bash circuit.

Hall of Mirrors – Fairground-attraction-style hall of mirrors, but this time all over your home. Bound to raise a laugh, but not so funny if you’re a bit of a narcissist. If someone feels the need to check their hair every five minutes they’ll soon become frustrated by what they see.


Photo Booth – Interesting addition to a birthday celebration. Booths can be hired which allow guests to take crazy, fun snaps of the evening. Props and costumes are on hand, and the wonders of photoshop editing can produce some remarkable photographs that make great keepsakes of the event. There are a handful of providers throughout Australia who specialise in this particular service. One of  the more well known ones is Charlie Sparx booth hire in Sydney.

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