Doing DIY Jobs At Home

Just because you are doing those little DIY jobs at home instead of at work doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be just as vigilant. The tools you use are just the same, and the risk of injury is no different. It’s surprising that many men and women will be super careful about possible hazards at work and yet deem the risk negligible in the comfort of their own homes. This is especially true when there are children in a house.  Drill, saw, jet wash, bleach, paint, detergent are just some of the more dangerous things that can be found around a home. But with just a little foresight these potential hazards can be drastically reduced, and the best way to lessen the risk is by wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE).


The most useful PPE to have around the home are:

Latex Gloves – At some point we will all handle some kind of detergent or bleach at home. It must be emphasised that there are no safe bleaches. They are all unsafe to handle and everything should be done to prevent direct contact. Prolonged exposure to bleach will likely cause severe irritation, and ingesting the substance can cause very serious health complications. There are many recorded instances of homeowners mistakenly drinking bleach, or a liquid with bleach in it.  This can be fatal. It is recommended to keep bleach safely stored away, and it should never be decanted into an unmarked container.

Ear Plugs – Any generators or gardening equipment which produces a decibel level of over 85 can cause permanent damage to the tiny hairs within the ear. It is mandatory for any workplace to provide employees with ear protection and it should be just as important in and around the home. Prolonged use of strimmers,lawnmowers, buzzsaws etc, will diminish a person’s hearing over a relatively short time. It is recommended to check equipment for noise-level warnings. Most mechanical equipment will have an indication of the approximate decibel level.

Safety Glasses – Painting, sawing, cleaning are all activities which could lead to contaminants entering the eye. It is of utmost importance that suitable eye protection is worn during any activity where there is a risk of flying debris. Gardening poses a significant risk to eye health: strimming in particular has the potential to cause injury. There are many instances of amateur gardeners suffering unnecessary blindness from not wearing appropriate eye protection.

Safety Boots – Any alterations to a home or garden will create the same hazards as any construction site.  If there are heavy materials to be moved there will be a risk of falling objects crushing feet. Simple tasks such as moving furniture have the potential for injury and it is advisable to always wear appropriate safety boots.

All of these items are easily purchased from a number of reputable safety equipment providers. Companies like Bastion Pacific have a variety of products to suit any task.

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