Bathroom Renovation Tips

It’s no secret that a quality bathroom renovation can add genuine value to your property whether you are looking to sell now or the future as well as add a sense of luxury to your home living. However whatever isn’t quite as obvious is how to go about it and what exactly you should do. There are so many options available that it can become a bit overwhelming and if you are not careful you can end up spending much more than you had originally anticipated. Doing this will likely mean that what could have been a wise investment doesn’t actually provide the return when compared to how much it set you back. Consider a few of the following factors if you are in the process of, or planning on, making changes to your bathroom.



You must make a sensible budget and more importantly stick to it. Costs can very quickly spiral if you are not careful and if this occurs you could end up shooting yourself in the foot and end up spending more than the expected increase in value you are generating for the property. Consider if you are realistically capable of doing any of the work yourself. If you can then you could save a lot on labour costs but if you bite off more than you can chew you could end up with a lower standard finish then you could have or simply end up making some key mistakes. When it comes to a bathroom there is a lot of waterproofing involved and if this is not done properly you could end up with leaks and extensive damage from damp.

Bath or Shower

bath tub

Which of the two do you really want? There’s no point buying a beautiful freestanding tub if you are never really going to use. Obviously, this decision may well be dictated by whether you are looking to immediately sell or not but even in this case consider which of the two will be the more attractive option to a buyer. Many people prefer the convenience of a shower so if you do go with a tub it would be best to either have one which also incorporates a shower unit. If you have more than one bathroom this can make a major difference as if you can provide a choice it can be perfectly feasible to have a bath in one and a shower in another. Size consideration should also be taken into account. A shower will take up less room and so can make a small bathroom feel larger.

Consistent Style

Your choice of style is entirely personal but don’t make the mistake of mixing up too many different looks, colours, and designs. Doing so will make the room appear messy and the style won’t hold together. Whether you draw your influences from traditional bathrooms or more contemporary ones make sure it all ties together nicely. Sometimes less is more so any bathroom designers and renovators should look at as many examples of bathrooms as possible to see what does (and doesn’t) work. Bad selections, no matter how good quality or expensive they may be, will completely undo all your hard work and could end up actually devaluing your property.

bathroom style

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